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QSDUK lTD Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Basis of agreemento The “Supplier” means QSDUK Ltd’ (Reg. No 09173236) whose registered office address is Plantation View, The Vownog, Sychdyn, Mold, Wales, CH7 6EW.

o The “Contract” means agreement between the company and the purchaser listed under “Conditions of purchase.”
o The “Products” means any products or materials specified and/or supplied by the supplier.
o The “Property” means the purchasers property at which the place of work is conducted and/or presumed to be carried out.
o The “Client” means the person(s) who have contracted work from the supplier.
o The “Work” means any installation/building services provided by the supplier.
o The contract is strictly between the supplier and the client. There shall be no separate agreement between the client and the supplier’s representative in relation to the products of work

QSDUK Ltd will hereforth be known as the supplier. Consumers of the supplier will hereafter be known as the client.

Any quotation, offer, or hypothetical work/services made by the supplier is subjective to availability of product and resources. The supplier will not accept liability and/or negligence for loss or damage relating to late or non-supply of required goods/service.

Any quotation, offer, or hypothetical work/services made by the supplier is based upon accurate and adequate information provided by the client. The supplier reserves the right to withdraw or amend these at any time deemed fit.


The supplier’s products hold a 12-month warranty from the date of supply and installation. Defects and/or shortages of any goods supplied must be notified in writing to the registered office of the supplier within 30 days of prior awarded compliance certification. Any claims made past this point are discretionary from the supplier and may not be entertained.


Fees implemented by the supplier for warranty maintenance are subject to inflation and product variation. The supplier’s standard rates of charge will apply in any circumstance. Furthermore, the supplier’s terms and conditions take precedence over client request, except where expressed and confirmed by the supplier.

Except where in agreement with supplier and client, clients are expected to settle any outstanding balance, invoice, or accounts with QSDUK Ltd in full within the stated terms in the quotation unless otherwise agreed in writing. Failure to comply allows the supplier to enforce cessation of goods, render any supply of goods null and void, and termination of contract without party negotiation. The supplier also reserves interest to enforce reasonable interest discretionary to QSDUK Ltd to late payments before further action is implemented.

Return visits conducted by the supplier to the client relating to maintenance, servicing, and further installations will be implemented under the presumption of payment in full by the client once completed.



All goods and equipment provided from the supplier to the client remain property of the supplier until the aforementioned is confirmed paid in full. The client accepts the supplier’s terms and conditions and allows the supplier entrance into the premises to retain all goods incorporated into works. Goods recovered by the supplier will not be released to the client until the cost of implementation, recovery, and re-implementation are paid in full.

Survey and Cancellation

The client is wholly held responsible to ensure there is appropriate mains electricity and water supply available for use by the supplier at the premises to safely conduct the installation. Failure to provide the above will result in non-installation, additional charges implemented, and any other action deemed necessary by the supplier.

 If the client cancels or needs to rearrange work scheduled with less than 7 working days notice then the supplier has the right to charge the client for labour charged at standard day rate, design work completed and admin.

 If the client conceals, withholds, or negates to provide the supplier with information effecting the price of work which could not be foreseen by the supplier, the supplier reserves the right to terminate the contract and demand payment on previous works conducted.

Damage and alterations

Any damages incurred through the installation process; the supplier cannot be deemed liable as such except in the event where a reasonable level of care was conducted.

Any alterations implemented to the provided goods by parties other than appointed by the supplier will render the warranty and/or compliance of the purchased product null and void. Further to this, compliance with British Standards will not be considered, and further charges will be implemented to rectify this. Call out fees to rectify damage caused by third parties are charged at our call out fee rates.


The supplier is entitled to terminate any contracts entered with the client in the event of insolvency of the client. The supplier will not be responsible for any loss occurred during this event.

The supplier reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions set out hereforth and without notice to the client.

Credit control procedure

We strive to ensure our clients are provided with the best value on the market. To do this, it is important we receive prompt payment of your invoices. Failure to do this by the due date will in turn result in being contacted by telephone, written statement, written reminder notice, letter before action, and debt recovery. Telephone chasing will continue throughout the whole recovery process.

We understand and will, if necessary, exercise our statutory right and add interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debs (Interest) Act 1998, if we have not been paid in accordance with the agreed credit terms. Interest will be added 7 days after the final written reminder and presented to the courts for debt recovery.

Further administration fees may be added to your account. This is limited to a maximum of £50 per invoice. Court fees will also be added in conjunction with this process.

If the delay is caused by a problem of QSDUK Ltd’s own making, please contact us as soon as possible and we will ensure it is resolved quickly.


Whilst the greatest level of care is undertook in installing our products, in most cases it is inevitable that slight damage to internal décor may occur, and the supplier cannot be deemed responsibility or liable for this, except where it could have been avoided by exercising a reasonable level of care.