Solar PV Projects

Solar PV & Battery Storage Family Home Trelawnyd

At QSD, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier energy solutions that stand the test of time.

Last year, we installed an Air Source Heat Pump, Underfloor Heating, and a Sprinkler System for our client who returned this year wanting to implement a solar PV and battery system to their home.

Our choice was clear – 10 high-performance 405w all-black Longi solar panels. These were strategically positioned across two distinct roof types. Each roof presented its own set of challenges due to their varying constructions. To overcome this, we employed different types of mounting equipment. Four panels were secured using flat roof mounting ‘buckets,’ ingeniously designed to hold the panels at a 15-degree angle for maximum solar efficiency. The remaining six panels were expertly mounted on a corrugated sheet roof using the Van-der-Vaulk roof mounting framework, ensuring they enjoyed a 10-degree tilt.

To harness and manage the solar energy effectively, we integrated a 5kw Giv Energy Hybrid Inverter with a 9.5kw battery storage solution. The IP-rated Giv Energy kit was intelligently placed within a beautifully constructed roofed seating area crafted by our customer.

Early data from the installation is nothing short of impressive. Our solution has drastically reduced their daily electric bills, with costs plummeting to as low as £0.12 per day!

Join us in celebrating this triumph of sustainability and efficiency. Together, we can make a greener, more energy-conscious world! 🌍☀️

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