Solar PV Projects

Solar PV & Battery Storage Family Home Llanwrst

Our customer approached us at QSD to help with their issue of excessive electric bills caused by their stone/slate property being heated by a log burner. We decided that a heat pump would not be suited to the type of property and with the customer being away most of the year an appropriately sized solar system would be the best solution to offset the cost of their electric.

The system:

The customer’s home was split right down the middle with both halves of the home on different energy meters. We decided the best way to continue was to install 2 separate systems. The systems fitted are 10x Longhi 405w solar panels feeding a 5kw hybrid GivEnergy inverter paired with a 9.5kw battery. The customer had 2 existing hot water cylinders to feed either side of their home so naturally we fitted 2x eddi water diversion switches, these will feed any excess electric that would be sent back to the grid directly to the cylinders to store the heat for free.


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