What is Liquid Screed?

Our liquid screed is an excellent choice for domestic and residential building projects. Whether it’s a new build renovation or extension, liquid screed is a quick and cost-effective flooring solution.

Recent developments with liquid screed mean that existing sand/cement screeds are being replaced with more modern flowing screeds which allow for a more complete fill over the floor space. This is great for thermal conductivity as there are less heat losses to air pockets in the flooring.

Complete Underfloor Heating and Screed Package

Step 1 – Site Visit & Design

We will meet you onsite to discuss your underfloor heating needs and design a system that optimises the under floor heating.

Step 2 – Underfloor Heating Installation

Our team of trained installers will install your underfloor heating and screed to a bespoke design which ensures you have the most effective heating solution.

Step 3 – Test and Complete

Once the underfloor heating is installed we will pressure test the system and then install the liquid screed.

Common Questions

We offer 2 types of screed that are suitable for foot traffic 24 hours after installation, these are our Longfloor Classic and Longfloor Rapid.

Our Services

Fire Sprinkler Systems

We design, supply and install sprinkler systems for residential and domestic housing developments.

Fire Mist Systems

QSD are the only UK supplier of Safemist – a fire mist system designed for residential and domestic developments

Fire Sprinkler Design

We have designed systems for large care homes to one bed bungalows so no job is too big or too small

Heat Pumps Systems

We provide Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps

Underfloor Heating

Our systems are designed and installed by our trained and experienced team

Liquid Screed

Our liquid screed is an excellent choice for domestic and residential building projects

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