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How do the sprinkler nozzles look?

We often get asked how our nozzles look in the celling. We only use nozzles that sit flush to the ceiling and have worked closely with our suppliers to find high quality nozzles for both our sprinkler and mist systems which are not over intrusive and as much as possible complement the aesthetics of the room.

All our systems are installed to the relevant British Standards and our in house design team work with our clients to ensure our works where possible compliment with electrical fittings and lights

Fire Mist System Nozzles

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Retro Fit Fire Mist System Nozzles

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Coversion and renovation projects often call for a system to be retro fitted and often this includes surface mounting heads and pipework, we take pipe in all our installations and use care and attention to detail to disgusie our heads and pipe work as much as possible in a way that completments the design of the property

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