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UK Residential & Domestic Fire Sprinkler & Mist System Installation

QSD supply and install fire supression systems in accordance with British Standards. We are specialists in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire sprinkler and mist systems in residential and domestic properties.

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QSD supply, install, test and commission residential & domestic fire sprinkler and mist systems in accordance with British Standards.

We aim to achieve complete client satisfaction through excellence in the design, supply and installation of Fire Suppression Systems.

By investing in our staff we guarantee that from initial contact through to project completion and beyond, our client’s receive reliable, efficient and personal service with projects being completed within the agreed timescales and specifications.

We understand that only by excelling in what we do can we become our client’s preferred supplier and ensure repeat business and continued growth of our company.


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Latest Projects

Large Family Home - Anglesey

We installed a fire sprinkler system in this property in Y Falu. All our pipework is the highest quality WRAS approved pipe and fittings and is hidden in the walls and celings. All our sprinkler heads sit flush to the celing and do not effect the look and decoration of the home.

Bungalow - Wrexham

We where chosen to install a fully compliant fire suppression system at this bungalow in Wrexham. Our fire suppression systems activate to prevent a fire from catching hold and spreading throughout a home ultimately saving lives and property.

New Build Properties - North Wales

QSD where pleased to be the chosen fire sprinkler installer for these new build properties. Fire sprinklers are a tried and tested technology that have saved many lives and prevented many injuries making them an important addition to the fire safety features of your home.

We’ve Been Doing What We Do For Over 15 Years

QSD have over 15 years’ experience within the building services industry and are specialists in the design of residential and domestic fire sprinkler & mist systems and offer a full bespoke design service. 

Residential Fire Sprinkler System Design

QSD works alongside developers, architects, water companies, landlords and care providers. We liaise with your local authority building control department to ensure your Sprinkler System design is of the highest quality.

How Fire Sprinkler Systems Work

A fire sprinkler system is a network of piping charged with water either from a water main or fire pump and tank. Fire sprinkler heads are connected to the pipework in the areas to be protected.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Heads

There are basically two types of fire sprinkler head, pendant or concealed, either can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Fire Sprinkler System Pipework

CPVC is an engineered thermoplastic piping it does not support fire, and will only char when subjected to flame. In fire conditions, it performs superbly, and it has a twenty year proven track record for this application. 

Fire Pump Sets and System Valve Groups

Supplied pump sets and valve groups are bespoke. This ensures that each fire sprinkler system has a pump set or valve group designed and built for its particular requirements.

All components are approved and tested and carry manufacturer’s warranty. Once assembled, they are fully tested in our workshop before being taken to the site.

Preventing Frost Issues for Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinklers are generally installed within the heated envelope of a building and should not require frost protection.

Frost protection will be required for pipe work, fittings and pump sets when they are likely to be exposed to temperatures below freezing, this may be an outhouse, garage, porch, sheds and even loft spaces.

Client Testimonials

“QSD are always there to help, we have used their services for over 4 years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

PN Harrison Building Services

“Completed our barn conversion sprinkler design and put us in touch with a great installer”

Samantha Monks

“The many design alterations throughout the construction made the use of QSD a more easily adaptable service.”

Mike Chaloner

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