Ground Source
Heat Pumps

Residential and Domestic Fire Sprinkler Design

QSD offer a quick and reliable service. We offer free house surveys where we will advise on where we think the most optimal location for a ground source heat pump is.

A ground source heat pump uses a series of underground pipes called ground loops which extract heat from the ground. This heat can then be used to warm a home’s radiator network or underfloor heating system and provide hot water. The amount of ground loop required depends on the size of your property and the heat load it requires. Our expert team will complete the calculations for your heat pump to ensure the system is optimally effective for your home.

Why choose us?

  • Broad product knowledge and expertise – our team are here to advise you on the best solution to meet your needs and budget.
  • Established family run company
  • Excellent reviews from our happy customers

Common Questions

A fire sprinkler system is a network of piping charged with water either from a water main or fire pump and tank. Fire sprinkler heads are connected to the pipework in the areas to be protected.

Our Services

Fire Sprinkler Systems

We design, supply and install sprinkler systems for residential and domestic housing developments.

Fire Mist Systems

QSD are the only UK supplier of Safemist – a fire mist system designed for residential and domestic developments

Fire Sprinkler Design

We have designed systems for large care homes to one bed bungalows so no job is too big or too small

Heat Pumps Systems

We provide Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps

Underfloor Heating

Our systems are designed and installed by our trained and experienced team

Liquid Screed

Our liquid screed is an excellent choice for domestic and residential building projects

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