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Domestic and Residential Sprinkler Saves

Below are just some incidents where sprinklers have been activated in the event of a fire and protected against loss of life and damage to property. These reports confirm that automatic water-based sprinkler and mist systems can control a fire in residential and domestic properties.

April 2022

A sprinkler activation at a kitchen fire in Essex and a fire in specialist housing in Scotland provide further powerful evidence of the effectiveness of sprinkler systems.

March 2022

In this month sprinklers have activated in the event of a fire and protected the lives of people in a retirement block and residential building, protecting the lives of children, elderly and vulnerable people.

February 2022

When an industrial tumble dryer caught fire in a care home in Northampton, the fire was contained by activating sprinkler systems in the laundry room, allowing the safe evacuation of all residents and staff.

January 2022

A fire in a utility room of a 12-story block of flats was extinguished by one sprinkler head in London.

December 2021

Fire crew attending a fire in a downstairs clock room found it to be completely extinguished by just one sprinkler head when they arrived limited fire, smoke, and heat damage.

November 2021

No casualties were reported in a fire at a 6th floor flat in Birmingham following the activation of the sprinkler system which contained and

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