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3 Bed Town House – Wrexham

Our client approached us to quote our services for his 3 bed town house in Wrexham which he was completely renovating. For this project he was looking for Underfloor heating, liquid screed and a heat pump to supply heating and hot water. Of course, we agreed and quickly designed a system that would adequately suit his home. After a full heat loss calculation with the added insulation of the renovation and the large extension on the rear of the home we were confident an 8.5KW Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump and a 250ltr hot water cylinder would be perfect for this project.

With the customer very kindly supplying a concrete base for the heat pump top sit on we left Rhys our apprentice to pipe and wire his first Air source heat pump which he did with skill and speed (He’s very proud of his work and so are we!).

Inside was slightly trickier as it was a tight cylinder cupboard however, the 250ltr hot water cylinder and all the ancillaries fitted in there nicely. We fitted a Worcester low loss header to ensure the flow rates for the Heat pump and to give the multiple zones somewhere to take their feed from individually.

We look forward to finishing this project with individual room thermostats for the underfloor heating to our client complete control over his home.


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