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Did you now the RHI government grant closes soon! (31/02/2022)

There is still time to get your air source heat pump (ASHP) installed before the deadline.

What is a heat pump?

ASHP work in a simple way taking heat from the warm air outside to give you hot water and heating.

I’ve heard they are noisy is that true?

Although an ASPH is generally noisier than a gas boiler but as the unit is outside and not inside and with care from the installer it won’t be an issue.

Are they reliable?

Yes! As reliable as a gas boiler and with lower maintenance requirements.

I’ve heads that they won’t work with my radiators?

ASHP do work at a lower temperature than old gas or oil systems. Once upon a time we used to heat radiators to 70-80 degrees. This meant you needed a smaller amount of radiator surface area. With a heat pump, the flow temperature would be 30-40degrees. This means you may need some extra radiators, or your existing radiators replacing with larger ones.
The benefit is your house has a more even heating curve – and doesn’t cycle from freezing to roasting and back.
Underfloor heating provides the best results as that gives you a massive surface area ‘radiator’ and a steady boiler temperature which makes things very efficient.