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  1. What size heating kit do I need? – There is no set answer for the size requirements of your heating kit, this is wholly dependable on the area required and/or amount of rooms needing to be heated. If you have any queries, contact Warm Underfloor today!
  2. Which is more beneficial, a heating mat or cable system? Both systems have positive and negatives when you compare and contrast – a heating mat will reduce installation times as the cables are pre-spaced and attached to the mesh mat which only has to be rolled out, however a cable system will come with a faster heat up time and is more accommodative with fixed objects and spaces, such as bathrooms – it’s what works best for you.
  3. How high will my floor rise with the system in place? – Some systems installed will only raise the existing floor height by 2.5cm, and this is including the necessary underfloor heating insulation; however, it is probably best to estimate a 5cm raise in most cases.
  4. What wattage do I need? – Wattage is calculated using various factors and surveyance of your home to confirm how insulated your floor actually is. Contact us today at Warm Underfloor for your free quotation.
  5. How hot does the floor get? – This depends on various factors of your home, but most importantly the thermal conductivity of your floor coverings – stone and tiles, for example, are excellent conductors, and can carry heat up to and beyond 29c, whilst carpet is not as efficient, at 27c.
  6. Is my property suitable for UFH? – Almost every property can have underfloor heating installed. Due to newer houses have strict regulations on insulation levels, and are, therefore, eminently suitable, older properties can make use of effective retrofitting solutions that can be fitted under your existing floor structure.