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We are happy to announce that we have successfully achieved CHAS certification in compliance with
SSIP Core Criteria and UK Health and Safety Legislation, conforming to CDM Regulations 2015.
Having achieved this, we now have the tools and competence to ensure the health and safety of our
clients and employees are held at paramount importance, and at the forefront of what we do.
In these challenging times, we have to adapt to ensure our clients’ needs are fulfilled appropriately. This
will be done by regimented risk assessments, site surveys, regular in-house training, along with
adaptations to our QMS (Quality Management System) all to ensure our clients are provided with the
best service and re-assurance during these times.
A big thank you to our newly employed administrative assistant Rhys Bennett, who has dedicated
himself wholly to the task and gained certification for the company in an impressive 10 days!
For the benefit of the company and its consumers, Rhys will dedicate his time to completing renowned
compliance certification ISO 9001:2015, allowing us to broaden our client range and allow our bespoke
products to be accessible by everyone!

Click here to learn more about CHAS.

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