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House buliding plans being sized for a fire sprinkler system

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to save lives and previent injuries to householders and fire fighters.

Fire sprinkler systems will also prevent damage to property in the event of a fire. Fire sprinklers are an important addition to a homes smoke detection system.

A fire sprinkler system consists of;

  • A water supply, either from a water tank and pump or from the mains supply.
  • A sprinkler water stop valve which needs to be kept open.
  • Pipework to each sprinkler.
  • A series of sprinkler heads to protect your home.
  • An alarm activated independently of your smoke alarm.

Our sprinkler heads sit flush to the ceiling and are not intrusive to the room or ceiling décor.

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Sprinkler heads do not all activate in the event of a fire. This only happens in the movies. In the event of a fire individual sprinkler heads will activate once the air around the head reaches a certain temperature.

Sprinklers create significantly less water damage than fire service firefighting operations.

Sprinklers do not ‘false alarm’ as they only operate on elevated air temperature, not in response to smoke particles. Burning the toast will not result in activation of the sprinkler system.

An alternative type of fire suppression to sprinklers is a ‘watermist’ system. Mist systems release tiny droplets of water that absorb the heat from a fire and generate a steam that interrupts the combustion process.

Fire Suppression Systems, sprinkler and mist, must be designed, installed and commissioned by a competent person.

All our engineers are fully qualified to design and installed systems for peace of mind contact our friendly team to book your installation now.


We can provided a free and competitive quotation from your project plans and provide expert advice relating to the fire suppression system at your project from start to finish.