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There are many myths about fire suppression systems both fire sprinkler systems and mist systems. As we install both types of systems so we hold no bias, just facts here.

Fire suppression systems operate by releasing a spray of water droplets to supress a fire. Our fire suppression systems activate when they are triggered by the heat of a fire. Fire suppression systems contain the fire and prevent the fire spreading.

Fire suppression systems save lives and have prevented many injuries and property damage in a range of different types of buildings.

The similarities between fire sprinkler systems and mist systems are clear, they are both installed and work in a similar way. Both systems help to contain a fire acting quickly often meaning that no further fire fighting measures are required helping to reduce the risk to people, animals and fire fighters.

Unlike in movies our sprinkler and mist nozzles are activated individually meaning only the head(s) in the location of the fire activate. Our nozzles for both types of systems sit flush against the ceiling and are aesthetically pleasing.

Both systems are low maintenance requiring a service annually or following a fire.

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