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We often get asked by our clients which is better a water mist or a traditional sprinkler system? At QSD we specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of both traditional fire sprinkler systems and water mist systems for domestic and residential properties so for a non biased opinion read on.

Fire suppression systems – water mist and sprinkler systems work in the same way activating when there is a fire to wet the surface of the fuel and the surrounding area to cool and supress the fire. Only the sprinkler head or mist nozzle situated in the area of the fire will release water meaning in most cases only one or two sprinkler heads are required to supress a fire.

Both water mist and sprinkler systems have fixed pipe work and fixed concealed heads. Water mist systems use less discharge less water than sprinkler systems which may result in less water damage to property. This is because mist systems are pressurised. In properties with low water flow a mist system may be more appropriate as for a traditional sprinkler system to work a water tank will be required to ensure adequate water low.

We recommend that both water mist and sprinkler systems are serviced annually to ensure the system is in working order and would be effective in the event of a fire.

For our advice on which fire suppression system best suits your project contact QSD.